rattan chair

Rattan Chair Production Process

rattan chair

Rattan Chair

Rattan is a natural material that can be made into anything. The most popular use for rattan is to be made into furniture such as rattan chair, rattan table and rattan book case. Chair that was made from rattan usually have cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable to sit on and in the same time it also gives people the opportunity to play with color of the cushion and pillow.

In the process of making rattan chair, there are several steps to follow and they are:

Rattan need to be collected before it goes into the next step

  • This is the next step to go through, to make sure that rattan will last for long time, and to protect rattan from blue stain fungi. There are two ways to do this, depend on the size of the rattan itself. Small size rattan can be preserved by smoked it while medium and big size rattan can be preserved by cooking it with kerosene
  • Once the preservation process completed, rattan should be cleaned and dried up, before it ready to use
  • The process of making rattan chair started by creating the chair design. The design will be the base of the chair itself. The base made from rattan that bended around until it become the exact frame of rattan chair that the maker wish for.
  • Next is the weaving process. The main purpose of weaving is to cover the chair frame into the desired shape. The amount of rattan that was needed for this process is varying depends on the size, the shape and the complexity of the chair design itself. More complex, bigger size and bigger shape will require more rattan. The maker could use white rattan or polis rattan, which are the skinned rattan and the rattan skin itself to weave around the frame. The rattan skin usually used for the chair side while polis rattan usually used for the chair surface, where people sit on
  • After the weaving process is done, continue it by painting the whole chair with basic paint
  • The final process is finishing process. In this last step, the chair must be smooth up using sandpaper to clean rattan fiber in the surface of the chair. After that, the chair must be clean up by dusting it to get rid of any remain dust. Once the chair is clean, then it is ready to be painted using any paint color that the maker wanted, usually the neutral color such as black, gray, brown and white

There are plenty options of rattan chair in the market, range from rectangular, shape and also circular shaped with the addition of cushion and pillow that will fit perfectly well into any part of the house, both indoor and outdoor.