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The Advantage of Rattan Basket

Rattan is a natural material which is a type of palm. As one of the tropical countries in Asia, Indonesia is often lined up as the world’s largest producer of rattan. Therefore, do not be surprised if you often can find various creations of rattan, good for little trinkets such as baskets, to large-sized furniture such as household appliances. Because of that fact as well, the craft is often exported to many countries.

The nature rattan interesting and full of advantages making it one of the most popular material for the craftsmen processed household appliances or other creative industries. This time, we will discuss mainly the wicker basket of products, which is one trademark of handicrafts made of rattan.

Any excess compared basket wicker basket of other materials? Consider just some of the greatness of rattan baskets as household appliance shopping considerations you like the following.

1. Environmentally Friendly

rattan mini basket for aromatheraphy

Rattan is one of the most natural ingredients readily available in the world. This is because the rattan tree is growing at a pace that is quite high. Rattan also generally minimal maintenance, both in terms of harvesting to transport. How to harvest rattan is usually only rely on a few simple and easy harvesting equipment to be moved from one place to another.

That is, the cane is not only natural materials that are environmentally friendly, but also not much left negative impacts of harvesting and transport businesses. Compared to plastic material, rattan basket is much more friendly to the environment around us.

2. Flexible


One of the properties of the most superior rattan is its flexibility. If you put a lot of stuff at once into the basket, wicker baskets are not only able to carry a lot of things, but also will not lose its original shape. No need to worry basket rotanmu bent, broken, or damaged because the rattan is very flexible for all storage needs.

3. Durable

Rattan Chair

Compared bamboo or plastic, rattan is also more resistant to wear, especially for purposes outside the home. Wicker basket you used for decoration on the old garden table capable of being used for cane can face different kinds of weather. With proper treatment, wicker baskets can also be used to for many years.

4. Easy Care

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket

One of the advantages rattan another is fairly easy to maintain. For baskets ornaments made of rattan, generally adequately cleaned of dust that sticks to the usual lap. To get a more perfect results, you may also use a damp cloth regularly. Thus, the wicker basket you will be more durable.

5. Lightweight and Strong

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket

Can be used for indoor or outdoor, rattan baskets are very light weight and easily raised to nowhere. However, do not be afraid of the ability of a wicker basket to be filled with heavy objects.

No one if you use a wicker basket as a laundry basket because it can contain a lot of clothing that once belonged to members of the house and easily raised to the clothes washing area. Wicker baskets can also be counted on to be used as a storage place other objects in the home.

6. Affordable

rattan sofa

rattan sofa

Back to the abundant raw materials of rattan, this made as a result of production that is quite affordable for the general public. No scarcity of rattan presence makes the price of the material is also quite friendly to your wallet.

7. Decoration Matches for Everything Atmosphere


Wicker baskets are also often used as a home decoration for different moods. His appearance is clean, calm, and making friends tidy interior is quite stunning and has high functionality. Wicker baskets can also be colored and combined with fabric as a sweetener room.

In addition, a variation of a wicker basket as if it never runs out of style. Depending on the creativity of the craftsman, shapes, colors, and sizes of wicker baskets can be presented to meet the tastes of each person different.

8. Woven Artistic


Wicker with various types, shapes, and sizes presenting distinctive impression rarely found in a basket with other materials. Compared to baskets made from plastic or bamboo, rattan textures result is usually more interesting and makes it have a high artistic value.

9. Multi-function

rattan sofa

rattan sofa

Processing rattan into baskets provide a lot of functionality that is not limited. Starting from decorations, storage, laundry basket, baby baskets, pet beds, to be used as a basket for shopping purposes everyday, a wicker basket provides many benefits that are invaluable.

With all the advantages of a wicker basket basket than other materials, no wonder product rattan baskets are very popular for use anywhere in the world. Product wicker basket more loved and hunted fans because cane is one of the products that completely handmade creations helpful. Are you one of them? Stay tuned for more helpful about the product by creations handmade in Indonesia.