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The Advantage of Rattan Product

Rattan Product

Rattan Basket

Rattan is the name of species of palm that originally found in tropical area such as Asia and Africa. With its slender stems around 2 to 5 cm in diameter and its flexible nature, rattan become very popular to use as the material to be made into furniture and also handicrafts. Rattans are extensively used for making house furniture and handicrafts such as basket, mat and plant containers.

Rattan product or product that was made from rattan such as rattan sofas, chairs and tables rattan outdoor, rattan cabinets, rattan mats, rattan baskets have many advantages compare to other natural material such as solid wood and bamboo. Here are the advantages of rattan products that make it so popular:

  • Eco friendly

Rattan product was made from rattan, a natural material that can be found quite easily. Rattan tree is very easy to grow and it grows pretty fast, thus make it very valuable in forest maintenance. Rattan is also very easy to harvest, requires simple tool and it is also easier to transport from one place to another, and that what most loggers love about.

  • Flexible

To a certain extent, rattan is very flexible. It can be bended around and worked into many style without have to worry for splinter or breaking apart.

  • High durability

Compare to bamboo and wicker, rattan tend to be more durable especially for house and garden furniture. Rattan is able to survive through almost all kind of weather and with the right treatment, rattan products can last for many years after the purchase

  • Easy care and maintenance

Rattan product is very easy to care and maintenance. Simple and general cleaning such as daily dusting is more than enough. Moderate cleaning using soap and water at least once a month will keep rattan product clean and retain its best look.

  • Light in weight but extra strong

Rattan products can be use indoor or outdoor. Rattan is as light as feather but remarkably strong. Rattan products is very easy to move and there is no need for extra hand just to move it around.

  • Versatile

Rattan products work so easily with any styles in any location. Rattan furniture can blend easily with any style of the room from traditional to modern.

  • Endless variety

Due to its flexibility that allow it to be shaped into almost anything, rattan products manufacturer don’t have to worry for running out of idea for creating new shapes and sizes. The manufacturer has endless variety of shape and size to make that will make everyone satisfied

  • Artistic

Rattan product made by weaved the rattan into the desired shape, style and size. The weaving process made the final product look so much different than other products that were made from other material such as wood or even stainless steel. This the artistic point of rattan product, which increase its value.

  • Cheap

Compare it to solid wood or teak wood, rattan is far more affordable, which will do well for people who have limited budget.


With all those advantages, there is no wonder why rattan product is very popular among people throughout the world. Rattan products have gained its popularity with more and more people choose to use rattan product in their house to create natural setting easily and affordable.