Rattan Basket

The Process of Making Rattan Baskets

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket

Rattan is a very versatile material that can be made into many things, things that people use in their daily life. The most popular use for rattan is to be mad into rattan chair, rattan sofa, rattan table and other house furniture. Rattan also has been used to make other things such as handicraft, rattan basket and rattan mat.

Rattan basket itself is a great thing. A basket like this one is great for holding all kind of items from small one to big one; depend on the size of the item itself. People in the region where rattan can be found easily has made rattan basket for many years. The skill has been passed from generation to generation and the modern rattan basket is so much more beautiful with its intricate design, shape and pattern.

Basically, everyone can make rattan basket on their own. All they need is the material, the right tool and equipment, time and also patience. The first step on making rattan basket is to prepare the tool and material that will be needed and they are:

  • There are two types of rattan that usually used to make a high quality rattan products, Saga type with small diameter around 0.5 cm and Menau type with diameter around 2 to 3 cm. For making rattan basket, people usually use Saga type.
  • Knife
  • Curved tip razor

Once people get all the material and tool, they start to make a rattan basket and here is how to do it:

  • Prepare the rattan first by cutting it into the size that people want using curved tip razor or a very sharp knife. Don’t forget to wash the rattan and dried it up thoroughly under the sun or on top of the stove before cutting it down into the desired pieces.
  • People have two options in this case, they can use the whole part of rattan or they can cut the rattan right in the middle of it, so from one part of rattan people can get two part of rattan in the same size but not as thick as the whole part.
  • If the rattan is ready to use, then people can start to weave it around. People can use different weaving pattern from single cross pattern, double cross pattern or other pattern as well.
  • In this example, start with the simplest pattern and the first thing to do is to weave the base of the basket. To make a square basket, start the base by laying five long rattans (or more for bigger base) vertically on the flat surface. After that, weave five more rattans in and out on the vertical rattans carefully. Adjust the rattan to make them even to each other. This is the base of the basket
  • Bend the rest of the rattan up. This will be the body of the basket
  • Use the rest of rattan and weave it around the body of the basket up, and leave around 1 inches sticking up
  • Tuck the sticking up rattan inside the basket, into another woven reed

Paint it and the handmade rattan basket is finished and ready to use.